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Patriots Awake on Conspiracy Cafe


June 16, 2011 was just another day unless you were watching Conspiracy Cafe. Return. Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

Quantum Theory in religion? The Uncertainty Principle prevents us from knowing the day and the hour. Financial crisis fire sale on national assets. Debt hits the ceiling in the U.S. Industrialized world dumps gold. Developing world scoops it up. China dumps T Bills. Economic data down in U.S. Stock collapse hitting mainstream. Uranium deal with Russia ends prices to surge as demand spikes. Nation states should own their central bank. The coming three false flags. Old glory MIA at Obama's White House just a sign of a return to Rome and Caesar. China to create city in Idaho where U.S. law will be null and void. Free trade zone killing fields. The insecurity of the bio labs across the U.S. Is Joplin fungus a bio weapon? Pakistan's Bin Laden arrests. African bomber conspiracy with gruesome deaths in Kenya and murder of the Commissioner. Billions disappear in cold, hard cash in Iraq. Patriots awake on Conspiracy Cafe.

The New Pearl Harbor: From Flight School to Anthrax

1689 Bill of Rights The Right to Bear Arms All Parliaments were bound to enshrine‏

UNHEEDED WARNINGS: A SPECIAL REPORT Before Bombings, Omens and Fears

In a different world Paul Revere would ride again. To arms. To arms. The globalists are coming. Our leaders sell out our sovereignty for Free Trade Zones. You will be reduced to serfdom. There will be no laws and no representation. Get the picture. Get your horse and start your ride. The globalists are coming.

Posted by George Freund on June 20, 2011 at 6:15 PM 2484 Views