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Enter the conspiracy time machine and return to June 2, 2011. See what happened to the Navy Seals in the Bin Laden raid. See how Dominique Strauss-Kahn was set up. Look at how Mel Gibson's Conspiracy Theory told us about 9/11. No where else but on Conspiracy Cafe will you get so much. Enjoy.

More fighting in Yemen cradle of the ancients. Palin lives on and rides to Washington as biker candidate. Maid in Manhattan linked to NYPD shooting victim? Sarkosy's stepfather CIA man Wisner. Lockheed Martin hacked. Census under threat? Net security firm for Lockheed, Sony, Hyundai was compromised in March. Counter terrorism agents stake out activist and his quilt. Obama hole in one on Memorial Day. No hearings for appointments in Bill. Executive orders to seize wealth - no cheques just balances. Patriot Act provisions are history repeating it's the INQUISITION. Multi-million dollar fine for bunnies. China threatens U.S. with war over Pakistan. Danish prof on nano-thermite tour ignored. Eyewitness: Seals killed in Bin Laden raid. Pakistani spy chief MIA. ISI masters killed in North Waziristan. Both funded Al Qaeda Taliban one knew Bin Laden well & must be killed prior to the Seal raid. He is also on the short list for the Bhutto murder. Hurd death in NYC. Loughner unfit. Well aware mistaken ID. Sarkosy says he is the will of the people and master of thought in cyberspace. Protect IP Act. Pre crime machine fails test. U.S. China's enemy. Jones leads Texas revolt. G20 truths. Canada peaceful nation bombs Libya in NWO doublespeak. Tanzanian people gunned down by Barrick mines. Government official says not enough were killed, there's a different law there like a FREE TRADE ZONE perhaps. Mel Gibson's Conspiracy Theory tags Bin Laden code word GERONIMO! Skull & Bones stole Apache leaders skull. On Conspiracy Cafe it's Geronimo all the time.

Frequently movies have predictive programming elements. So not only is Geronimo Osama Bin Laden's code name the light on the cab illustrates its number 1S48. S is the 19th letter of the alphabet. So it tells us 119 48 or 911 in reverse. The 48 adds to 12 then to 3 adding power to the 911. It signifies the loss of three towers as well.

Posted by George Freund on June 3, 2011 at 4:57 PM 2857 Views