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The Bible Code ancient keys compass to the future

Another restoration mission from the master file The March 24, 2011 episode recorded in the That Channel studio. Has the compass been used? Are we on the road to destruction? Has the course been altered enough? We will see the answers to these questions soon enough this year.

GM food - measure of wheat for a penny. Redondo Beach - the waters turned red. HSBC quits London. Bank of England Governor banking system seeds of destruction, the squeeze will be sharp and prolonged. Pimco dumps Treasuries. Raytheon's SBX radar platform a jewel in the HAARP crown. The planets in NWO prophecy. Thar she blows - old well head leaking in the Gulf 26,999 to go. USGS underestimates recoverable oil by a factor of 25. Police Inspector covers up daughters sexual assault and brutal beating for the good of the department. Police snipers caught on the roof of TORONTO POLICE HQ. Snipers in Yemen - the fight for freedom. Specially Designated Global Terrorist and Osama mentor at Yemen protests. Bahrain foils foreign plot. Protestors busted in D.C. WAR in Libya STREET THEATRE. Gadaffi gives Sarkozy campaign funds and the 'secret' handshake. Sarkozy's Mossad history. Training for Libya in Red Flag exercise in 2009. Gadaffi prepared for 40 years and let the coalition walk in. U.S. fighter from Lakenheath shot down, plane bombed, rescuers shot, what were they hiding? Egypt armed rebels. THE BIBLE CODE predicts Obama's war in 2011, re-election and swearing in in the nuclear bunker, economic collapse in 2012. Author warned White House of terror attack 3 months prior to 9/11 and even phoned on 9/10 to remind them. Was the temple a depiction of a CPU? Is Exodus 36 the code key? Israeli intelligence verifies the presence of structures containing a nuclear weapon in Yemen. U.S. intelligence WON'T look at the SAT photos or hear the report. WASHINGTON & NEW YORK coded for DESTRUCTION. Are they pulling the ULTIMATE FALSE FLAG? Is Freund 'friend' who delays the atomic war. Thanks to the donors we're still in the loop. On Conspiracy Cafe we open the keys to the ancient code for your compass.

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