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A returning officer source stated there was a new policy for scrutineers this election. The liberals made good use of it. They hovered over the workers all day and were given access to the tabulating sheets. They copied voter ID numbers and left for their lairs all day. These sheets carry the voter ID numbers. They could most likely check them on the voters' list. What could they possibly do with this information? Could they create a vote in a digital format away from the box? There has to be a scam involved in this especially in the Toronto area. The seats don't jive with the percentages of the votes.

My original comment was how could CTV, CBC and Global say with certainty there was a liberal minority government before the polls were reported? I saw that news at 10:20. The results weren't reported until 11 p.m. So the liberal party had the results of the votes and perhaps even had the means to tweak them in their favor.

I find it uncanny as well that there is no interest in the process in general and most importantly by the shooting sports fraternity which has its own media. They plan to take your rights and seize your property with a long term room reservation at the crowbar hotel, and we blithely walk to our demise in a state of hopelessness. I've encouraged for years for the shooting sports enthusiasts to embrace alternative media over the years to the echo of silence. This reporter pretty much gave up the sport to be the sentinel. Primarily now my audience is American. I fill in as a host of Power Hour Nation a truly honorific global operation transmitted around the world on WWCR in Tennessee. The key to victory is to change the channel. It is based on the First Nation's credo about which wolf survives the one you feed. If you feed the wolf that's going to eat you, the conclusion is already set.

Posted by George Freund on October 24, 2019 at 6:06 PM 127 Views