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The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson Captives (Part 3)

The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson is a 1998 family adventure series that originally aired on Pax. Based on the 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss, it follows the adventures of nine survivors of a shipwreck as they attempt to adapt to life on a deserted island. It lasted for one season, with 10 three episode segments.


This was the fifth television series based on the 1812 novel and followed nearly a dozen theatrical and made-for-television film versions. Like many of these previous versions, it altered story lines and added several members to the cast of characters.


The show contained 10 story arcs of three episodes each and aired on closely spaced dates over seven weeks in September and October 1998. It was one of the first shows broadcast on the newly formed PAX network.

S1 E15 Captives: Part 3

Episode aired Sep 22, 1998

When Emily's jewels are accidentally discovered, David demands that they try to buy Parsons off with them, despite Emily's protests that they are her dowry. But how to get a message to Parsons? Despite the family's misgivings that the swim may be too far for their dog, Bruno is sent to Parsons island with a message tied to his collar. As they wait for a response, David Robinson also falls ill with purple blotches on his skin. Elizabeth's remedies cannot cure him. Billy, ill, but desperately hungry eats some leaves the gorilla has brought as food. After a while he recovers and with the gorilla away, he escapes. He returns to the tree house and finds David gravely ill. Elizabeth gleans that Billy had the same illness, and realizes that the leaves he ate must be a cure. More leaves are found and David is given an infusion. Parsons takes Christina to rendezvous with the family. Parsons is given Emily's jewels, but demands David Robinson as well. As the ailing David prepares to give himself up, Christina gives Parsons the slip and he and Ben are chased off by Ernst and Billy. David recovers and the family rejoice.

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