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The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson Captives (Part 2)

The Adventures of Swiss Family Robinson is a 1998 family adventure series that originally aired on Pax. Based on the 1812 novel The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss, it follows the adventures of nine survivors of a shipwreck as they attempt to adapt to life on a deserted island. It lasted for one season, with 10 three episode segments.


This was the fifth television series based on the 1812 novel and followed nearly a dozen theatrical and made-for-television film versions. Like many of these previous versions, it altered story lines and added several members to the cast of characters.


The show contained 10 story arcs of three episodes each and aired on closely spaced dates over seven weeks in September and October 1998. It was one of the first shows broadcast on the newly formed PAX network.

Captives: Part 2 S1, Ep14 21 Sep. 1998

Christina is captured by Ben and Parsons, who take her back to their island. When Parsons sees her black pearl, he becomes convinced that the Robinsons have a treasure hoard. He persuades Ben they should go after it. Running from a wild cat in the forest Billy gets lost, and is stung by a strange insect in a swamp. Escaping a rain squall Billy hides in a small cave in the hills. When he wakes there is a large gorilla sitting in the mouth of the cave. With David and Ernst away searching for Billy, Parsons storms the tree house and demands the treasure. Emily hides her private jewels that she has kept hidden. Finding no treasure, Parsons demands that David gives himself up in exchange for Christina's safe return. Parsons takes the family's raft so they won't be able to pursue him. Looking for Billy, David slips into a swamp and is also bitten by a strange insect. Meanwhile, the gorilla has discovered Billy.

The home invasion scenario is laid out. In real life the child would most likely never be seen again. They should have covered each other. Tears for fears buys nothing. Even the children can act as lookouts. The men should have left the pistol for them at least. 

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