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BLUE LIGHT EP5 Traitor's Blood

Blue Light is a 1966 United States espionage drama television series starring Robert Goulet and Christine Carère about the adventures of an American double agent in Nazi Germany during World War II. It aired from January 12 to May 18, 1966.

Prior to Nazi Germany's conquest of Europe, the United States places 18 sleeper agents – collectively forming an espionage organization called "Code: Blue Light" – inside Germany, assigned to penetrate the German high command during World War II. Journalist David March is one of them. He passes himself off to the Germans as a foreign correspondent who has officially renounced his American citizenship and come to Germany in order to support the Nazi cause. The Germans put him to work as a writer and broadcaster of Nazi propaganda – and occasionally as a spy for Germany. The Germans catch and execute the other 17 Blue Light agents, and as the lone survivor March must work hard to maintain his cover and avoid detection and arrest by German counterintelligence agents while secretly spying for the Allies. He is so deeply undercover that except for a few United States Government officials who know that he is a double agent loyal to the United States, the entire world believes him to be a pro-Nazi traitor – so much so that not only does he discover that a woman he loves has committed suicide because of his supposed support for Nazism, but he must also avoid capture or assassination by Allied intelligence agencies unaware that he secretly works for the Allies.

March's confidante, assistant, and contact with the underground is Suzanne Duchard, also a double agent who poses as a French Gestapo agent who hates him. She knows that he is a Blue Light double agent, and secretly both supports his espionage activities against the Germans and falls in love with him.

In his adventures, March sees a lot of action and faces many moral dilemmas, such as tough choices between carrying out his orders and protecting innocents. He often kills in order to maintain his cover or fulfill a mission.

1 5 "Traitor's Blood" March's younger brother Brian, who has lied about his age in order to join the United States Army and prove he is not a traitor to the United States like his brother, has been captured and is being held in a German prisoner-of-war camp. Suspecting that David March is a traitor to Germany, the Germans test his loyalty to the Third Reich by ordering him to visit the imprisoned Brian – and kill him. To resolve David's dilemma, he and Suzanne engineer Brian's escape from the prisoner-of-war camp. David Macklin, Henry Beckman, Lyle Bettger, and Jerry Ayres guest-star. February 9, 1966

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