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China just SHOCKED the world and the U.S. is in real trouble | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Nov 20, 2022 The balance of power is shifting right before our eyes. Western countries are about to face, arguably the greatest banking crisis we've ever seen. While China reopening presents a major problem for the US dollar hegemony.

World Dollar Hegemony Is Ending (And That May Be A Good Thing) – OpEd

The end of world dollar hegemony is coming and hardly anyone in government is taking notice or even understands what this means. Since the Bretton Woods Conference in 1944, the dollar has been the only currency accepted throughout the world for settlement of international trade accounts among nations.

Prior to 1944, physical gold was used for international settlement. When an exporter in country A sold goods to an importer in country B, country B would pay with its own currency. But country A would have no interest in allowing country B’s currency to build up in its vaults beyond an amount required to settle its own importers’ needs. Thus, country A would demand that country B redeem its own currency in gold. Sometimes country B would ship physical gold to country A. Or perhaps gold held in safekeeping in a third country would be designated as now belonging to country A, a book entry transaction that is more convenient than physical movement.


Italy 2 - 0 France: Meloni Crushes Macron Amid Migrant Crisis

Italy put its foot down and dispatched one of the NGO migrant taxi-service ships full of illegal migrants to the French port of Toulon. Italy's newly elective conservative prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, kept her campaign promises to Italians by effectively taking a page from the gubernatorial decisions of Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis, who dispatched a plane full of illegals recruited from their landing pad in Texas over to the tony sanctuary-island Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. Like Martha's Vineyard's wealthy hypocrites, according to the press accounts, France backed out of its E.U. deal to take in migrants, in order to make sure no more such migrant ships come to its ports from Italy. Italy was apparently supposed to just keep them, although as of now, it's unclear as to why the Italian navy can't force the ships back to the Libyan coast where they came from.

The raging statement from Italy's prime minister, Giorgia Meloni -- you've got to listen to it in Italian with the sound on -- pretty well demonstrated that this was someone who full well knew the damage and hypocrisy of France, whose policies effectively enticed migrants to dump their homelands and come up to Europe for the welfare. Meloni's edgy working-class Roman accent speaking in the sharpest of furious tones, pretty well conveys the Italian sentiment and is something to hear.

She's informed, she's furious, and she's laying it out to everyone, basically out-Martha Vineyard-ing even Ron DeSantis as she forced that ship to France.

For the smug Eurochickens out there, starting with Emmanuel Macron of France, she's gotten word out now that Italy's not one to mess with these days, they've had it with being Europe's punching bag on migrants. Expect the Europeans to adjust their expectations accordingly.

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