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There is something very, very weird about this video I found at the Edmonton Sun. Allegedly the police are using a battering ram to break into the bank machine kiosk. The campus Safewalk girls are keeping people away. You see muzzle flashes in the top of the kiosk as shots are fired. You never once hear the police shout POLICE. They're busting into the room of a wounded armed man who was shot. You'd think they would tell him the POLICE were breaking in the door and reassure him everything's all right. At the end the videographer realizes those are gun shots and runs away. This is very strange. It has been noted 'rogue' elements of the police have been involved in armoured car heists. There were two cases when I worked for an armoured car company. Who's shooting and why? If the guard was shooting at the police they should be yelling police. If the police are finishing off the guards, the guard should be yelling as he does. Who's shooting?

Posted by George Freund on June 16, 2012 at 9:35 AM 2481 Views