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What if the Bible was coded by God to tell modern man what was in store for him? What if the government found out? Enjoy.

The Code Conspiracy is an American thriller film released in 2002.


A physics professor is removed from his post because his classroom teaching methods are considered to be too philosophical. He leaves for Israel to work on a project combining science with his love of philosophy.

Six years later he returns to an America now governed by an administration that has brought in strong anti-privacy laws. He is carrying a disc containing the fruits of his research to give to a former student, John Davis, when black ops agents track him down with a view to obtaining the disc and killing him. He manages to hide the disc and make a phone call to John before the agents catch up with him. In subsequent police interviews with Davis he is able to assure them he did not know what was going on, a situation that changes after he listens to his phone messages.

The professor had been working on a code in Israel based on the Pentateuch, the first five books in the Bible, and had found answers to some of life's most basic questions. The formula he has discovered can also solve problems yet to be formulated. John's software company is pleased with the research since it helps them with their current anti-government privacy project: keyless encryption. Before he is able to complete the sale and distribution of the software to a major company, government agents raid his home and company, confiscating all his computers, files and computer programs. While trying to leave the area with his family and move to a more congenial environment, his wife and children are killed in a plane crash. In shock, he turns to friends who help him to escape undetected. Not only American agents but the Mossad give chase as he flees to the Bahamas.

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