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DOOMSDAY PREPPERS S01 EP07 Into the Spider Hole


Doomsday Preppers is an American reality television series that aired on the National Geographic Channel. The program profiles various survivalists, or "preppers", who are preparing to survive the various circumstances that may cause the end of civilization, including economic collapse, societal collapse, and electromagnetic pulse. The quality of their preparations is graded by the consulting company Practical Preppers, who provide analysis and recommendations for improvements.

77"Into the Spider Hole["March 13, 2012 (2012-03-13)1.078

Doug Huffman is prepared, teaching techniques for surviving a second depression based upon America's massive debts.; Dianne and Greg Rogers, dedicated parents in Canada, are concerned with future events affecting their home-life; Ed and Dianna Peden ("still living in the 60's"), of Topeka, Kansas are preparing to survive fully underground in their decommissioned Atlas missile silo when doomsday arrives.

Highlights: Camouflage - Food, animal & Aquaponics fish production - Root cellar - Small arms

Posted by George Freund on September 30, 2015 at 9:35 PM 2970 Views