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INFOWARS is collecting data for the NWO. Have you read the fine print on the message board. Clicking you agree enters you in a data collection scheme that allows a company called Vuukle to harvest all your contact and personal information and send it to Dubai for law enforcement and intelligence purposes. In George Washington's day the army of the Potomac was infested with turncoats. In the coming struggle expect people to turn on a dime. There has been a lot of conjecture whether he was a shill. That's a matter of opinion. This contract is from his own website. DO NOT accept the terms or take the APP. This is clear evidence he was compromised. When the gloves come off your life may well be lost as true patriots are neutralized by the NWO.

The wicked warlock John McCain is gone. A more crooked character you will be challenged to find. From turning in prison to the USS Forrestal fire and links to ISIS and the beheading videos John was your man. He even had time to loot the treasury and take generous donations. God said we're all sinners. The NWO crowd portray him as a saint. We know they lie so I side with God.

St. George slays the dragon. Mother Russia has that image in their coat of arms. The Royal Navy named one of their warships HMS Dragon. How prophetic. The RN also is arming their ships with a high powered laser beam called dragonfire as well. 

Canada goes down the gun control trail. It is ethnic cleansing bordering on genocide. If you say NO, the state sends in the storm troopers. They wear the black shirt of the fascist too. What is a genocide in action? A group is marginalized and blamed for society's evils. The state and the media vilify them. They are deprived license and have their property seized under duress. Long periods of internment are part of the process. Resistence will be met with death as the storm troopers enforce the law with deadly force. It will be a crime to give any aid or comfort to the new Jew as before. In the past that was relegated to a ethnicity or a religion. Today the devotees of the shooting sports are receiving whipping boy status. Canada apologized for the residential schools and the internment of the Japanese. Will governments in the future atone for these crimes against humanity? 

Robots are becoming the universal soldiers and star attractions in brothels. The oldest professions are no more. There is still tension between NATO and Russia. Chinese bombers numbered in twilght bode harm. It is the art of war truly. We are too far removed until now at least. Learn your lessons well. 

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