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We followed the course to the lair of the secrets of the Illuminist's. From hence we made deduction a part of our philosophy. From Google's secret of the Garden Gnome Doodle we saw Aquarius pour his migrants upon Europe. They attempt to dominate by stealth yet resort to brute force as well. Italy blocks migrant ship Aquarius. Erdogan warns of holy war to Austria. Ricin in the broth in Germany. Austria conducts border drills. Troops on he border scooping poop. Muslim rapper minstrel sings ode to crucifixion at Bataclan. Where are the girls? Bourdain was MeToo advocate. Was it murder most foul? Who is killing the great chefs of Europe? Weinstein employs former Mossad detective firm Black Cube. What is the 'Black Cube?' Kate Spade taken to the brink. Was the murder weapon an act of psychological trauma? Connection to the Clinton Foundation. The cryptic clues left by her husband Andy. Bilderberg Queen's sister suicided too.

China says we're taking over the world. China leads in quantum encryption. China taking over electrical grids. A strange sort of atomic warfare. NATO exercise Trojan Footprint 2018. Russia's Northern Fleet puts to sea. Ukraine inserts commandoes in Russian uniforms. Russia's Black Sea Fleet on high alert. Canada's monument to tyranny. It was just a little fascist pogrom. UN, Red Cross evac from Yemen. U.S. gives the genocide nod. Liberals don't want peace in Korea because Trump did it. Russian pipeline a GO! North Korea has market on rare earth minerals. Trudeau blasts Iran now. Mass shooting in gun control state. But they have laws. Duterte wants to arm community leaders. They're coming for the guns. It's a first step towards GENOCIDE.

H7N9 needs more mutations Mr. Jones. Japan suspends Canadian wheat over GMO. Grand Solar Minimumfor the east coast. What's the Sun got to do with warming? Don't ask Al Gore. Harvard Med School No White Doctors. Bill Maher hopes economy crashes for Trump. Sucks for the rest of us. QE unwinds. Venezuela oil meltdown. Purchasing power of the dollar dives, inflates sales. Argentine peso under scorched earth attack. They create their own money. Imagine that. The simple fix. Digital bank robberies on the weaker economies banks. We're on course on Conspiracy Cafe.

What's war got to do with the economy? See the karma on the downward slope. Maybe if we stop killing and exploiting people we can start to prosper.

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