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The Cafe is returning to the That Channel studios to resume the adventure. Load and load, duck and cover the terminator of conspiracy talk will be hosting the show there again.

The Passover has passed with the coded message on the doorposts. However, a new threat beckons. NATO masses at the Russian border ready to strike. Putin commences live fire exercises off the Swedish and Latvian coasts. His hypersonic missile is ready. A massive drill includes making the cloud cover. No one seems to know and worse even care. USS John Warner arrives at Gibraltar. The Russian DOOMSDAY machine a cold, dead hand. China enters Japanese airspace. India and China mass forces on their borders. China warns Britain. The interactive NUKEMAP shows you the cost. The undersea cables could go first. The petro-yuan arrives compliments of the Shanghai's Free Trade Zone. North Korea started a new reactor.

If the NRA tried this, what? However, the gun banning lefties think a TV show based on cannibalism is wholesome family entertainment. 

Las Vegas style mass shooting in Boston averted. Alleged school shooter Cruz had fantasies since grade school, refused treatment at 18, and the authorities responded to 39 calls at his home. Chinese student turfed for buying rifles. Child arrested for posting picture of toy gun. Al Sharpton's brother and gun protest leader busted in driveby. New TV show extols the virtues of cannibalism. Hogg wasn't at school the day of the shooting. Facebook staff outraged at release of sacred truths. Facebook censoring your accounts. Cambridge Analytica can listen to your every word. Google is ten times worse. Assange silenced again. China has facial recognition on roids. SpaceX to build the satellite grid. Deep state desperate bring pedophile to Mueller INQUISITION. He knew everybody. Trudeau's worn a hole in the socks of many. On Conspiracy Cafe we're back in the That Channel saddle again.

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on April 5, 2018 at 3:39 PM 865 Views