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Mass mind control media takes to the streets in Washington and many other places to introduce a mind control virus so that we hate the Constitution and desire the government to maintain a monopoly on the use of force. That should be the definition of a police state. It's ironic that as citizens have lost the right to bear arms a British invention by the way established after the INQUISITION, other rights have eroded in a steady downward spiral. Paul McCartney was at the New York rally. His friend john Lennon was shot there. I'm old enough to remember by whom. It wasn't the patsy Chapman. It was the deep state CIA. Dr. Martin Luther King's granddaughter attended. She's seven. Her grandfather, too, was a threat to the deep state and executed by the CIA just like John and Robert Kennedy. This is how states use the monopoly of force. After their crimes they come after the citizenry to demand the arms and more power. This is the way the world works. You're not taught these things in school. You must accept the cover stories as gospel.

Operation Gladio C. Some of the best state actors do false flags. Emma Gonzalez is David Hogg's cousin and an actress. Broward captain gave the standdown order. Kentucky governor kicked MSM out of town for trying to weaponize a school shooting. Armbands for the new brownshirts. Mass murder 101. The state did it. Up next the environmental genocide. Obama armed thousand with Fast and Furious. It was their sovereign right. USDA gets full auto arms. Food was a favorite weapon of mass destruction. CIA unredacted reports go to some journalists not others. It reveals who works for whom. It's the Stalinesque engineering. Bill Gates is a master. Google weasels out of human rights. The battle lines. Ontario Premier plays the race card. SPLC is the race card. NYT says U.S. meddles. The Government Rag threatened. Trump and conservative opinion edited from social media. We defend fascism. Film crew followed from Day 1

No Russia. No world. Putin's new weapons. Russia ready to roll on Ukraine. Rand report says they'd overrun Europe. U.S. flawed weapons. NATO amasses nuclear weapons on the border with Russia. WW3 approaching. NATO moves airbase to Jordan. Exercise Juniper Cobra Israel's three front war. NATO exercises on Russian border. Turkey warned about Russian missile purchase. NATO arctic exercise. Russia's undersea surveillance system. Israel arms seven rebel groups in Syria. GUAM bloc against Russian. Super rich buy bunkers. Russia's resources. Putin's NBC interview. China to build massive navy. The Skripal poisoning. Diplomacy is not for DUMMIES. Was Skripal a double agent? Press for war. May out of touch. Britain prepares cyberwar. War hawks rise.

McCabe under investigation since Obama. ABC gives town drunk time to rail against Trump. Stormy Daniels gives a 60 minute freebie. SAS kidnap exercise for princess. Google spy drones weaponized. iPhones hear everything. Obama's cause Netflix stock surge. Cherry picking judges. Trump pardons sailor. Italy votes against the tide. Moon fakery. Oversight committee investigates Obama. CDC polio shots carried cancer. It's O.K. to spray. Queen a descendant of the prophet. Time portal opened. Orange snow. End of the world voicemail. Disease X in the wings. Illuminati Swan Teal reels 'em in. Trump's trade war a battle against globalization. Venezuela goes Crypto. Victory for the people in Investor State Dispute Settlements. Bond market reset. Toronto real estate. QE too slow. Toy's 'R' Us broke. The plan on Conspiracy Cafe.


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