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The NWO has gone beyond regime change. It is advancing on a complete mind control operation to alter societal norms as a gateway to the enslavement of the human soul. It has started with the globalization process to denigrate out individual nation states. It advances on the spiritual front to eliminate religious faith. It supplants the traditional family so that the state may indoctrinate your children into the order. It has progressed far enough to deny reality in total by attempting to eliminate gender. The changes cannot be in your interest because they denude the principles of liberty and justice reducing us to the lowest form of jurisprudence the law of the jungle with might making right. The soft focus assault primarily tries to ostracize the 2nd Amendment and the possession of arms. That is the Art of War and usually occurs before acts of barbarism. Their battlefield is the ethereal space where Satan is the Prince of the Air. We operate behind enemy lines there, but carve out our own cyber battlefield here. You are free to find sanctuary or face the onslaught of eternity.

Enter the world of the mind control specialist. Subject yourself to the ride of a lifetime. It's like the TV show The Prisoner. You are trapped on the island and they want you mind by hook or by crook, and you just thought you were going to take a ride on the infamous TUBE. Revisionist history a weapon for change. Canada pays off the Clinton's for the successful election coup to the tune of $241 million to their Foundation. We celebrate our proud history with the red ensign the flag of our forefathers. Group of soldiers take on Antfa. I think generations past would have fixed bayonets. The conundrum of disenfranchisement. Trump's rainbow was RED, WHITE AND BLUE!

Trump speaks in Poland. The G20 gets ugly. There's fighting in the streets. Welcome to HELL! Soros paid the freight. Trump Putin meet. Putin diverts plane en route. Obama devolves to STALKER status.The word is out. Terrorists are armed by states under diplomatic cover arms shipments. Satan's ethereal space is silent. Alternative space seems non committal. Logic would say they have revealed their master. OPCW report cannot even consider a false flag possibility in alleged chemical attack. That cinches it. The Aleppo boy was a hoax. CNN snared in fake story. In Syria it's still a push for war. Israel doesn't want Russia in Syria. Trump folds on Saudi 9/11. Russia's new missiles eat carriers. Still another drill, but Trump says detente is here. Russian strike in Syria. Australia ready for war. Yemen has multiple struggles. Does North Korea have an ICBM? South Korea says it's not capable of re-entry. Is that important? I smell a rat. Tension cause capital flight to support the failing US dollar. US warships in Ukraine spell interesting twilight message. Eiko Ishioka's 79th Birthday Google DoodleStock market warning. Precious metals rigging. Russian hockey even on the skids. Don't geofence me in. Wiki says CIA targeting Network Protocols. Australia wants to track every car. NWO bastards. On Conspiracy Cafe it's The Ethereal Chessboard. 

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