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It's Midnight in the city of destruction. Is that city Damascus? Erdogan says Turkey invaded Syria to depose Assad. Sooner or later they will come head to head with the Syrian army and Russian airpower. Will conflict ensue triggering the NATO pact? What are the variables in 'normalizing' relations with Russia? Fidel Castro passes away. The 1981 prophecy. Globalization the pathway to slavery. The tarot cards of The Economist. The election challenge. The scenarios. The deal Trump made. Concession for prison. Soros funded Stein. Pence a black sheep. OPEC on Trump. Clinton legalized child theft. The Brits did it too. Pizzagate. Farage says REVOLUTION! Breaking up the states. McAfee help Donald. A democrat for Trump. Media Jihad. It's called rioting Soros. Washington Post says we decide what's fake. Who needs them? How they decide science. News fakers. The Communist Control of America. Where's Julian?

We're being set up. Peace and Safety? Real life poor. Black Friday mayhem. China sells treasuries. Homeless in America. UK snooper bill. Colombian plane crash murder? The extra hands at OSU imply broader plot. China confiscates Muslim passports. The Trudeau Foundation pay to play. Carbon tax the greatest asset robbery in history. Trudeau and Castro a love affair. Veterans reinforce Standing Rock. Monsanto's new herbicide. Glyphosate and cancer. Flu shot senior genocide weapon. Border Patrol roundup. Mountie convicted of torturing his own son. New speakers listen. The 3D printer. Heart connects to the electromagnetic field. On Conspiracy Cafe It's Midnight.

I wrote some things over the years. I call them 'georgisms.' You are welcome to share.


The quest for knowledge and information should never rest lest incomplete orthodoxies enslave us to falsehood

Elitists hold on to their dogmas like the weasel its carrion. Both are predators that exist on the consumption of rot.

Resistance is not futile but fundamental and we underline the fun in fundamental.

God flushes his own toilet.

Ignorance is the one crime still punishable by death. However, we are still empowered as our own judge and jury to alter our fate.


Incremental fascism is hardly ever noticed and frequently extolled by the people it is to be applied to.

When the facts have to be fudged the goose has to be cooked.


The world moves at the speed of the predator not the prey.

Freedom was never the benevolent gift of the master but the trophy of the slave liberated from serfdom.

All patriots are anarchists. All traitors are not.

Posted by George Freund on December 2, 2016 at 8:12 AM 1144 Views