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The world moves at the speed of the predators not the prey. The predators have placed their ill gotten gains off shore. It is tax evasion at the least organized criminal money laundering at the best. There was a leak at one of the financial centers Mossack Fonseca. What are the reasons? It was an al CIAda George Soros operation. They exposed Putin and the Prime Minister of Iceland. There were mass protests in the streets in Reykjavik. The PM resigned. There was silence in the western world in spite of the giant sucking sound from funds escaping nations. However, it appears to be a well organized operation. American is the new 'off shore.' Even Rothschild set up stateside. That explains the rebound of the markets and the surge in the U.S. dollar in spite of the economic downturn. The covert capital flight has resuscitated the U.S. economy. The rats are getting nervous. This was the back up plan. However, for the common person you will still be hung by your heals. Mossack Fonseca has Nazi roots. Who better to hide your assets.

Has Justin Trudeau stashed his cash in Nevis? Canada's bailin laws hidden in the budget. The risk of civil war. Hillary's happy camps. Strength through joy? What is the military industrial complex? It's total and complete control of everything down to your very thoughts. The SMART lighting grid. Temples to Baal set up in London and New York in time for the Beltane sacrifice. Satanic school materials O.K. NATO obsolete? YES! Trump speaks on the economic collapse. CIA's master deception program an in house operation. 'Brussels' pre terror drill. Questions never asked. Media publish pictures hours before they're released. Israeli firm ICTS runs security at Brussels airport. Their C.V. includes 9/11 and 7/7. World wars an Illuminati plot for world Luciferian government. FBI agents killed in WWII plane crash over deep seated intelligence secrets. TKB (taking care of business). Did J. Edgar Hoover plot the attempt on President Truman? Cruz the womanizer. Anonymous threat. DC Madam's Washington log kept sealed. Everybody's doing 'it.' The greatest electoral scam in history Clinton Trump. Voting and karma.

U.S. orders families out of southern Turkey which is inside the range of Russian missiles. Ice Station Zebra expanded. Palmyra retaken. Mass graves. Russia resumes bombing. Turks hit Syria. Travel warning for Tunisia. Trawlers mined in Libya. HMCS Fredericton in Black Sea. U.S. operations in Syria. Holy war in Nagorno-Karabakh. Iran gets globalist blade. Poison gas? Turkey did it to provoke U.S. action. IS thrives in Libya. Bulgarian wrestler arrests illegals at border. Jihadi refugees rape school girl on cruise. Two were only murder suspects. Massive migration wave pending. Hillary behind ISIS legacy. What's next? ISIS tweets warn Europe for more. Russian movements in Ukraine.

Planet X has a name IC5385. It can be seen through the space telescope. Developer disappears mysteriously. Cruise ship rescue drill in the Arctic. Saudi's buy farmland in the U.S. Lawsuit over chemtrails. The Easter Uprising. The Battle of Vimy Ridge. Ukrainian lawyer murdered. Karadzic convicted. Vaccine film banned at festival. Polio ala Gates. Canada's PM feminist sanitizes report on Saudi human rights abuses. Beheading, whipping and stoning are part of the new feminist agenda I guess. Nuclear summit excludes military safety issues. Tunisian terror warning from 3/22 to 6/22. Take heed this solstice.

Posted by George Freund on April 8, 2016 at 9:32 AM 2180 Views