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The NWO is trying very, very hard to start the prophetic war in the Middle East. There are few who comprehend the event even though all will suffer by it. Conspiracy Cafe is a very unique operation. We cast the demons asunder and strive for a greater good. The time experiments at the University of Waterloo are saying time doesn't exist. The Delayed Choice/Quantum Eraser Experiment shows that Quantum physics allows the future to change the past. If we cross the divide to look at TRUTH, can we affect the future by seeing Eden for what it truly is? Christ said the truth would set us free. It is the key to the prison door. If we change the past by influencing the future, can we cross the divide and return to the Garden of Eden? Shouldn't we at least try. I had an amazing experience in the forest today. I came upon a deer. She didn't run. I spoke to her and calmly reassured her. She even nodded her head after each sentence. We were close enough for eye contact. I've never experienced anything like it before. We will apply quantum principles and attempt to cross the divide. You can join us. If we reveal God's Eden enough, we may make it.

The hidden dimensional portal. Near Earth Objects disappear. 5D Quartz memory coin. Is gravity real? Asteroid coming March 5th. Fukushima radiation in Canadian water six days after event. Truce for Syria. U.S. boots on the ground. Lebanon focal point. Exercise Cold Response in Norway. Middle East nuclear threat. H.G. Wells Things to Come predicted WW3 after Basra event. Radioactive material missing in Basra. Russian go for robotic sub. CIA secret armies. Armageddon analysis. Erdogan's Islamic Empire. Turks cross Syrian border. NATO warns Turkey get stuffed. French special forces enter Libya. Air strikes kill Serb hostages. Russian war crimes. ISIS adopts U.S. dollar. Ukraine prepares for Russian landing. Canada runs Ukraine intell. ISIS blasts in Damascus. NATO appoints Libyan puppet government. Obama pulls punches funds mosques worldwide. Canada drops 606 bombs on ISIS. More spying authorized. Afghan war a mistake. Christian couple tortured sentenced to death for blasphemy. North Korea to target terror in South or was it faked to pass terror bill? Jade Helm 2 actor roll call. Family Guy predicted Scalia's death. X Files code white house. Apple encryption controversy. Robot labor advances to be self taught. Oh Boy! Russian Patriarch goes to Antarctic. Michigan shooting. Victorian child murder ring. Sanders taxes. Trump reveals 9/11. NSA chief admits THEY KNEW! Market rally issues. Stagflation Canada. Pensions cut in Kansas. Fed's charts. Mortgage meltdown in OZ. Pemex on the brink. UK hits estates hard. Venezuela economy crushed. Refugee follies. Mental health testing for all in the Brave New World. Speech censored for the SHARIA POLICE! On Conspiracy Cafe we cross the divide.


Posted by George Freund on February 25, 2016 at 9:10 PM 2239 Views