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The prophecy of Syria is set to unfold. Our leaders have little if any knowledge of the warnings of the prophets and are HELL bent to bring about the Anti-Christ's kingdom here on Earth. Damascus was a dividing line. Will it be crossed?

The world of cointelpro DRAKE rears his ugly head again.

The Gulf stream stops and global weather becomes chaotic. The Oregon school shooting false flag extraordinaire. The reason why? They're always 'OFF' their meds. Remember Fast and Furious Obama gave guns to recently convicted cop killers. Trump this. Police kill more in one year than all mass shootings combined. The gun control agenda a police state total and complete. Obama bombs Afghan hospital. Kills more that school shooting. OOPS! Ban war. NEVER! It's empire or bust. Argentine military abuses against their own men. Strong Cities Network UN Police. Cameron's BIO sick and sordid C.V. for the PM. MP finally questioned over abuse. New Labour leader reviles the NWO and speaks about 9/11. VW everbody was cheating. Collateral VW damage. VW Sodom and Gomorrah. Obama Putin meet. Russian naval drills. Russian fleet coming out. Exercise Silver Arrow. Trident Juncture. U.S. hybrid warfare. Teacher's Day 2015 Google Doodle. France bombs ISIS. Did Russia respond with the deluge? Russian parliament declares war on ISIS. Airstrikes begin. ISIL HQ destroyed. The conundrum. The west cries foul. ISIS weakened. Reserves called up. Russians cross the line radars LOCKED ON! China's carrier in Tartus. Brit sub damaged off Iran. Assad do or die. Which side is which? Casualties of war. Caspian Sea missile launch. Boots on the ground. U.S. diverts fighter jet. Major Syrian OffensiveRussia bombing CIA. Detente in Ukraine. Bulgaria supplies arms. Tanks withdraw. Putin's limits. Kiev withdraws weapons. Saudis kill or capture Iranian pilgrims. Bahrain prince wounded. Yellen stumbles. The TPP a corporate servitude contract with the illusions of employment. Investor State Dispute Settlement the licence to LOOT! The NAU army was close to agreement. Dollars to pesos in Argentine bonds. The 11 trillion dollar wipe out. Glencore the cork in the bottle. Deutsches bank teeters. Russia still supplying gas. Warning signs. El Toro lost. Kidnappers trail. Charles shines over abuse conviction. Northern lights come south. On Conspiracy Cafe the Prophecy Will Unfold.


Daniel 5 King James Version (KJV)

Posted by George Freund on October 9, 2015 at 7:40 AM 2656 Views