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September is upon us. The greatest calamities to ever face the human race await in the next weeks to months. Will there even be an effort to espouse the means to avert the catastrophe? Here at the Cafe we notice the wave motion in the markets. We understand that the amplitude must be moderated. We see capital flight as the most disrupting factor in the equation. We extol the use of gold as a safety valve to protect currencies from devaluation. The quantum effects of precious metals are little understood and even less taken advantage of. The commodity money ability can save the day. We discuss the loss of power in alternative media with a parable on stoning the prostitute. It's good radio I guess, but it doesn't change the direction of the crisis. Alternative media is playing it safe. We dare to look at the mystic.

Poroshenko gets EU to take a 20 percent haircut on Ukraine debt by extolling the accords. Grenade attack in Kiev a false flag perhaps. World Weather War I still a go in Iran and the Pacific. The coming pandemic MERS surge in Saudi Arabia as the hajj nears. Terror factory found in Bangkok. Second arrest increases the scope. Was Turkey the facilitator? UN Arms Treaty in time for the next GENOCIDE. Ontario courts strike down gun law. Houthis launch ballistic missiles. SAY WHAT? Russia arming Syrians. Directly engaging. Homemade armor. Canada bombs innocent. OOPS! Harper uses vets for rally security. Mayor says BROWNSHIRTS. Soldier fascists outed. Predictive programming The Simpsons picked TRUMP! Why does TV know the future? Why doesn't alternative media care? Trump Tower sways in Toronto. Pensioner killed in Venezuelan food line. Looting and conflict in FOOD FIGHT! Border to Columbia closed. The day starts with a slump. The bankers did it but WHY? The wave pattern. Markets DYNAMITE! Margin debt the nightmare. Credit Binge. Liquidity starts. Capital Flight. The Land of OZ feels the heat. Saudi economic warfare. Declining outlook. Who gets hurt? Four Mexican billionaires. The Russian conundrum. Alberta on the ropes. China's hard landing. It's the bloggers fault. Arrests. Mainstream yells WARNING! Nazi gold train found in Poland and the amber room. On Conspiracy Cafe we walk into the mystic. No one else even dares.

At least 1 killed in new explosion at Chinese chemical plant

THE SIMPSONS Bart to the Future

Posted by George Freund on September 2, 2015 at 8:59 AM 2327 Views