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Art imitates life or life imitates art. Either way predictive programming has struck us again with the DC Comics Shadow of the Bat The Apocalypse Plague Batman comic from 1996. A genetically modified Ebola germ comes to 'Gotham' City or Dallas if you will. U.S. Junk Bond dealers buy Canada's media. Is it a CIA Operation Mockingbird of the north? The Ebola crisis. Pictures lack fear. Could it be faked? Dallas deputy infected. Ebola discoverer says it's the perfect storm. They're breaking all the rules. Liberia muzzles journalists. Positive test on Spanish nurse. How long is the incubation period? Intellectual property spat with vaccine. Ebola consumes ALL of your VITAMIN C! NIH says melatonin is the answer. Entero virus D-68 looks like the flu. Bitter melon KILLS CANCER! U.S. controls ISIL CIA Contractor. Biden goofs says ISIL Saudi U.S. monster for Assad. UK National Crime Agency says more power to spy on YOU! Mass student slaying in Mexico. No worries the police did it ergo it's not newsworthy. The 3D printer armory. Blast at Iranian nuke facility. Russia has more nukes than U.S. ready to annihilate you. EU loves Canada's dirty oil now. German economy declining. Sanctions work. McCann Twitter troll dies. Argentine President on no longer required list. Holder for Supreme Court. Neo-Confederate Army forms in U.S. GOLD and their debt curve. Polio in Pakistan. Vaccine murder in developing world. The million dollar question is this the Dead End for humanity on Conspiracy Cafe.

Synopsis for "Contagion, Part One: The Apocalypse Plague"

Azrael sends Batman a video showing the horrible effects of a highly contagious virus developed by the Order of St. Dumas and told Batman that the plague was headed to Gotham City. Batman decided to get some information from the United States Army and he let Robin the task of tracking the man that is carrying the virus in his body.

Batman told the new police commissioner Andrew Howe about the virus but he wouldn't listen. Batman then forced his way into an Army's secret installation to learn about the virus and if there was a possible cure. He find the head investigator in an isolated room. The man had acquired the virus and was dying without any chance of survival. The general told Batman that the virus was a variant of the Ebola virus named Ebola Gulf-A. The general told Batman the symptoms and that the virus mutated too fast to develop a cure. The only hope was to find a survivor, someone who has been infected but have survived. After telling all what he knew, the general died because of the virus.

When Batman got himself out of the secret installation, Robin told him that he found the man carrying the disease. The man was called Daniel Maris; he was the only man arriving to Gotham from Africa in the last few hours and he was staying at Babylon Towers. Maris was carrying the virus unknowingly. He is an acolyte for the Order of St. Dumas and acted as chairman of the Babylon Towers apartments. His mission was to enclose himself and the other residents of Babylon Towers inside so the virus would eliminate the entire city of Gotham without affecting the people inside Babylon. What he didn't knew was that he was carrying the virus and by the time he exposed the plan to the Babylon residents all the people whose Maris has been in touch with was already infected by the virus; even the servants that were later sent outside Babylon to Gotham. Maris tried to seal off Babylon from the plague, but trapped everyone inside with it. As Batman was trying to figure out a plan, the virus was already spreading among the Gothamities and inside Babylon as well.


Surat Ar-Rahman [55:30] - The Noble Qur'an - القرآن الكريم Sahih International. So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny? Qur'an

FM 55-30 Army Motor Transport Operations - Internet Archive › ... › US Military Manual Collection
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FM 55-30 Army Motor Transport Operations 1969-06-20 This manual is a reference for use in planning and executing military motor movements. It prescribed...

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