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Computers start writing the 'news.' It's 'official' MH 370 crashed in the Indian Ocean. CNN's Richard Quest films with missing Malaysian Air flight crew. Richard Quest busted with drugs and rope around his neck and privates in Central Park. He's an AEROKNOTICAL reporter. New Zealand engineer leaves wedding ring with wife before flight. Diego Garcia is the only place the jet could go. South Carolina Air National Guard escorted passenger jet in 'exercise after MH370 disappearance. Maldives witnesses spotted plane. Pilot practiced Diego Garcia landings. Thais sat on radar data for TEN DAYS! Date stamped sat data 4 days old when released. Mass diversions on plane's course and speed. Pilot made mystery call to woman before takeoff. Was that his Manchurian activation signal? What was the technology that merited the rendition? Iran reports military column disappears off radar. Was fireball over Halifax a Russian warning shot? Sweden eyes NATO. World Global Domination. Western countries would be lucky to last a week in an all out war with Russia. The Agnes Martin Google Doodle a lesson in opaque. The Ayrton Senna Google Doodle a lesson in launch control. Ukraine troops bug out of Crimea. Russians made them an offer they couldn't refuse. Ukraine will use force next time. Many non Russians voted to leave Ukraine. Pentagon cuts military aid to Ukraine. Alaskans sign petition to join Russia. Moldova region looking to join the Russian Federation. Kiev turns off the lights. Globalists make viral propaganda video. Sanctions get a cold response in Germany and Switzerland. MP's not included in abuse program. More bankers take the plunge. Lone 'wolves' after the Queen. Hundreds busted at police protest. Trump says economy is doomed. McCann suspect composite looks like a Murdoch. Turkey downs Syrian jet. On Conspiracy Cafe all you need is REASONABLE DEDUCTION.

Posted by George Freund on March 28, 2014 at 8:34 AM 4230 Views