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U of T develops invisibility cloak, X Band radar set for Eareckson Air Station, Post apocalypse Philippines, Dolphin die off, Radioactive wasteland Treasure Island, Our Jihadists say we're next, Common Purpose the EU Commie Plot, Brazilian President's body exhumed in poison conspiracy, Caroline Kennedy appointed Ambassador to Japan, Too bad she ate the sushi, Mob hot to assassinate Pope Francis, Record Afghan poppy crop, Quantitative Easing a billionaire's bailout, Russia seeking to ban the buck, Greece in deflation, U.S. labor force lowest in 35 years, Detroit files for bankruptcy pensioners to get 16 cents on the dollar, The free trade treason, The Hungarian Revolution against banksters, The American spy grid takes shape, Eminent Domain for China, Lee Harvey Oswald's favorite TV show I Led Three Lives. On Conspiracy Cafe the spies are in the wires.

Posted by George Freund on November 18, 2013 at 9:27 AM 2657 Views