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Across the Pacific Episode 3


Tells the story of one of the most important moments in aviation history: the crossing of the Pacific Ocean by the China Clipper, a Pan American Airways flying boat, in 1935. The documentary series tells the story of how this technological innovation came to be, with the help of Pan Am's CEO Juan Trippe, pilot Charles Lindbergh, airplane engineer Igor Sikorsky, and radio engineer Hugo Leuteritz. It does this with dramatic re-enactments, interviews with historians and biographers, and archival photographs, newsreel clips, and film.

China Clipper (NC14716) was the first of three Martin M-130 four-engine flying boats built for Pan American Airways and was used to inaugurate the first commercial transpacific airmail service from San Francisco to Manila on November 22, 1935. Built at a cost of $417,000 by the Glenn L. Martin Company in Baltimore, Maryland, it was delivered to Pan Am on October 9, 1935. It was one of the largest airplanes of its time.

On November 22, 1935, it took off from Alameda, California in an attempt to deliver the first airmail cargo across the Pacific Ocean. Although its inaugural flight plan called for the China Clipper to fly over the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge (still under construction at the time), upon take-off the pilot realized the plane would not clear the structure, and was forced to fly narrowly under instead. On November 29, the airplane reached its destination, Manila, after traveling via Honolulu, Midway Island, Wake Island, and Sumay, Guam, and delivered over 110,000 pieces of mail. The crew for this flight included Edwin C. Musick as pilot and Fred Noonan as navigator. The inauguration of ocean airmail service and commercial air flight across the Pacific was a significant event for both California and the world. Its departure point is California Historical Landmark #968 and can be found in Naval Air Station Alameda.


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