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Oblivion Agenda Episode 4: Earth is being terraformed for colonization by exobiologicals

The New World Order right now is basically dismantling countries... they're taking their orders directly from the aliens who have their own time table. They want the one world order because they want the planet for themselves. You've heard the term Global 2000, and that's a sinister plot to produce biological weaponry to reduce or thin out, or so-called ethnic cleanse the population of the planet by 5/6th... enslaving the rest to work willy-nilly with the so-called people of the New World Order. Note what Schneider is describing: A biological weapon to reduce global human populations, followed by a one world government authoritarian system to enslave the survivors. Sound familiar? Sound like what we've all witnessed over the last two years? ;

I wish I knew about this as it was done. I have traveled the parallel road on Power Hour Nation.

Murdered government whistleblower warned in 1995 about global depopulation using engineered bioweapons, followed by planetary-scale extermination of the human race


Colonel Corso said the ET's were genetically modified robots. The alien life form was the silicon wafer that we would spread around the world like Ebola. 

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