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Justin Trudeau introduces worst censorship law of any western democracy

Ezra Levant breaks down Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's newest bill, which, if passed, would create the worst censorship law of any western country.

Trudeau’s C-36 allows secret complaints against you — so you will never know who accused you of being a “hater", and you’ll never be allowed to cross-examine them. In fact, C-36 allows lobby groups or professional activists to make secret complaints against you. And if you’re convicted, you could be ordered to pay up to $20,000 to those secret accusers — plus another $50,000 to the government, just for an offensive tweet or Facebook post.

But that’s not even the worst of it.

I’ve never seen this before. Under C-36, anyone can drag you to a provincial court, and tell the judge he’s “afraid” of you, and get a court order to:

put you under house arrest

put you under a curfew

ban you from attending any place (including your business)

ban you from communicating with any person (including your friends, family, employees or political allies)

ban you from owning any firearm

ban you from drinking wine, beer or other alcohol; and

order you to give blood, urine and DNA samples on command.

Just to be clear, all of this is just based on someone having a “fear” that you’re “biased” or “hateful”. You don’t have to actually commit a crime or be charged with a crime to be hit with those restrictions.

The new legal test is whether or not someone is scared of you committing “hate".

This is contrary to the important Canadian legal concept of being innocent until proven guilty. This is a “pre-crime” — convicting you of something you haven’t done yet, just because your political enemy is “afraid” of you.

Trudeau’s bill says all these things can be done to you even if you’ve never committed a crime in your life.

And note: this only applies to political crimes; not to would-be murderers or rapists. Just would-be “haters”.

It’s nuts. Seriously, you really have to see this law for yourself. Click here to watch my video explanation of it. On that same page, you’ll find a copy of the bill itself — you can read it with your own eyes.

If you’re as appalled (and worried) by this law as I am, please click here to sign our petition against C-36. We plan to fight this bill every way possible:

journalistically, by telling you the truth about it;

politically, by motivating other Canadians, including purported Conservative politicians and civil liberties groups, to fight against it;

and legally, by challenging its constitutionality at the first appropriate moment.

C-36 is the worst censorship law in the free world. In fact, any country that would pass such a law can no longer call itself a free country.

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on June 25, 2021 at 9:34 PM 367 Views