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The Last Witness Still You Turn Me on

2001: A Space Odyssey reveals the future we are in. An epidemic is the cover story for the usurpation of our physical realm. HAL is god in Hebrew. HaEl. We are to be regenerated to the matrix with the serum. As the song Still You Turn Me On said, your flesh will crystallize.


Kubrick shows the nanobot swarm entering the blood stream. In Hebrew the Bible said, the damn se'irim the blood of the He-goat (Satan) enters the agalim of mayim the pathway of the water (vein). It resurrects the wicked flesh in the techiyas to the new mind and body with eternal life. 

Dr. Heywood describes the epidemic as a cover. Everyone is sworn to secrecy. 

Sentence will be carried out. 


Prof. Luc Montagnier says the injection causes the variants. All the injected will be dead in two years.


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