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Escape to the Wild EP3 River Nile


Escape to the Wild is a British television series produced by Optomen television and broadcast on Channel 4. It was originally titled, Kevin McCloud's Escape to the Wild, with Kevin McCloud as the presenter who follows British families who have given up their urban lives in the UK for a new one in remote destinations around the world. With McCloud's departure, the name has been shortened to Escape to the Wild.

Season 1 | Episode 3

River Nile

Jimmy meets a couple from Aberdeen who used their life savings to buy a 3-acre plot of land near the banks of the River Nile. They now have a working farm but must contend with the encroaching river.

The last of a great series. 

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on February 24, 2021 at 8:58 PM 86 Views