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Lawsuit To Take Back our Rights and Country - CANADA

Our Greater Destiny

A big threat to freedom is censorship

The majority of people are denied evidence of a world coup and phantom menace called COVID19. Rise above cyber attacks, algorithms, disabled videos and links, scrubbed video channels and search engines, blocked social media accounts, security warnings that deter opening links that challenge media propaganda, etc., by telling the truth non stop.

Canada declares independence from the United Kingdom

On Aug 17, 2020, a lawsuit was filed in Ontario Superior Court against Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario, and Crown in Right of Her Majesty’s Government by Nicole Lebrasseur. You can download the lawsuit here

Included in the lawsuit, and attached as an Appendix using COVID19 as proof of malfeasance, a formal letter declared Canada’s independence from the United Kingdom. The lawsuit and letter of independence need to reach all Canadians and Indigenous peoples soonest possible because ‘consent’ is required to prove public interest and win this case. You can read the letter here

In regards to human rights and freedom, civil, political, and Constitutional rights that Canada and the United Kingdom signed on to, the federal, provincial and municipal governments in Canada violated international law. See video below.

History behind the lawsuit

The Constitution Act 1982 places executive power in the Queen through the Governor General. This means when you vote in political elections you CONsent to give your proxy, your power above the Queen, above the Governor General, to the political party selected by globalists to implement their new world order now advancing through COVID19 measures. 

The Statute of Westminster 1931 released the colonies from the United Kingdom. Canada was made an independent country, and therefore decolonized. However, heads of the provinces and federal government purposely neglected to inform the people that they had technically become the sovereigns as the whole, and Indigenous peoples, about their right to self determination, their right to final decision making authority instead of the government.

This means since 1931, the Canadian government at all levels, and the Constitution Act 1982 are de facto. This means the Constitution was to remain in effect until Canadians created a new Constitution. Patriation of the Canadian Constitution, given that the Canada Act 1982 was enacted by the UK parliament, was illegally enacted and thus remains illegitimate.

UN resolution 1514 (XV) 1960 Declaration on Decolonization, gave people in colonized countries the right to decolonization, being the collective right to political and civil rights, of which the Canadian and provincial legislatures have refused to honor. This trespass by the Canadian, federal and provincial governments is a breach of international law that Canada signed into in 1976.

The Constitution Act 1982 officially gave Canadians our basic rights and freedoms, which neglect our collective rights to self-determination or collective political and civil rights . Instead of holding a referendum for the people to choose the type of governance they collectively wanted, and without consent of the people, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and the Provincial Premiers ‘changed’ the authority of the sovereign in the Constitution to the Queen, giving the government power instead of the people of Canada and Indigenous peoples as the sovereigns as the whole.

COVID19 the catalyst

The destabilizing, dehumanizing impacts of COVID19 measures SIGNAL every resident on Earth to wake up, and take a hard look at your natural, lawful rights and freedom.

The lies we’ve been told for generations are being exposed for us to right the wrongs and restore coherence. Otherwise this tract of humanity may 1] go to extinction to prevent mandatory vaccines from altering man’s original DNA 2] CONsent to experimental vaccines that merge man and artificial intelligence, and enslave our body, mind, spirit/soul, which is what they are really after.

COVID19 IS waking people up. To accelerate the awakening share evidence of a world coup and phantom COVID19 menace that are being met with bold, lawful actions.

Please support lawful actions being taken and courageous people behind them. Thank you.

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