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You're being scammed by enemies of America who occupy powerful positions in government and the media. November 2020 is the way we, the people, can fight back. Know your enemy. Ditch the masks. Rise. #Covid911

I expect a swift deletion, because the enemy we are fighting controls this battleground. Save this link on Bitchute just in case:

I am not monetizing this video. There is a copyright flag on the music, so the owner of the song is getting youtube revenue, not me.

I've said that from the beginning. It's a coup, a civil war and a world war over pretty much nothing but hype. The plan is brilliant. We are our own worst enemies. The mob has been made to rise to cause dissension among the flock. We can turn the mask into the crooked cross believing the fear posited by our leaders. Those resisting are donning the yellow star tracking APP waiting for the mob to haul them away. A remote redoubt looks good. Maybe my country home is enough and that's why the good Lord put me there.

If they win and consolidate, then it will be hell on earth. They will use the health regulations to commence the next holocaust. Instead of relocation, it will be quarantine.

Return of the Brown Shirts? US Federal and State Governments to Hire Contact Tracers to 'Hunt Down' New Covid-19 Cases


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