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Police Corruption? Nova Scotia Shooter - Behind The Scenes

Nova Scotia Shooter Behind The Scenes with Paul Palango a former senior editor at The Globe and Mail and author of three books on the RCMP, the most recent being Dispersing the Fog, Inside the Secret World of Ottawa and the RCMP. His work on the Nova Scotia massacre has been published in MacLeans and the Halifax Examiner.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Does Justin Trudeau have a death squad?


It's about the missing women number one. The CIA has run an Operation Climax where death and torture were a way of doing business in NYC, San Francisco and Miami. A federal narcotics officer ran it for the CIA's poisoner Sidney Gottlieb. He was George Hunter White. It matured into the pig farm where a certain PM taught in a school 13 kms. away. Piggy's Palace was the hottest ticket in the lower mainland. It was a CIA operation too. The scorched earth burnings meant no DNA evidence. Elizabeth Thomas was looking into the missing women with her church. Those with knowledge of the car or Wortman's true mission were on his death list. What do you think the uniform and car were for? I say picking up women. Wortman ran what was called a Montana's in his garage. I submit Piggy's Palace east. They weren't incompetent. They were complicitous. I host Missouri's Power Hour Nation. I use Hillbilly logic in these events. You don't shoot your own dog. The officers weren't allowed to go down the road. They'd shoot their own dog.

Posted by George Freund on August 1, 2020 at 10:13 PM 111 Views