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No Christian will ever fully understand the extent to which Christ has provided for them. As long as we live on this earth, our comprehension of heavenly things will be limited. But if we could just get a glimpse of what God has in store for us in the future, our desire for holy living would be greatly intensified. In this message, Dr. Stanley says that believers are completely accepted by God. Because of His acceptance, we can look forward to standing with Christ before the world as He is revealed in all His glory. God is not ashamed of us and will give us the great blessing of acknowledging us as His sons and daughters in Christ before the entire universe. Understanding Christ?s total acceptance ought to influence every aspect of a believer's life. To know how precious we are to God is both amazing and humbling. Learn to live as a valued child of God today.

1 Corinthians 15 King James Version

In light of what we face today I look at glorified, ressurected body in the image in a completely different light with self replicating nanoparticles. Adam was of the earth. Are we to become cyborgs by the application of eternal life?


I was listening to In Touch Ministries on the way to work as I usually do. However, much of what Paul has stated has new light in light of where we are headed. Dr. Stanley speaks of the glorified resurrected bodies in the image of Christ we are to receive, how we will conform to his likeness. All history and time will cease when Christ comes from the cloud to set up his earthly kingdom. We will become one with him.

Now add the nanoparticles they desire to insert into our bodies. We will have new resurrected bodies in the image of a man. We will conform to his likeness because the nanoparticles will replicate within us making us all one or part of a hive mind. We will acquire eternal life because machines do not die. As life is condemned to die, we will be risen into the cloud ala Microsoft to reign with him in the new kingdom. All it will take is one little injection to get it started. 

Paul was a Roman agent in his day obligated to destroy Christ's ministry which was taken over by James. It was a poor ministry. Paul's was of the rich Roman's. He won. He wrote the history. Could this be the truth that sets us free.?

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