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The Nine Faces of Lucifer, Lord of Light


By Richard Leviton

The Lord of Light and Light Bearer, Lucifer, is the most maligned and misunderstood angelic being in Judeo-Christian civilization.

For us to get anywhere in understanding and participating in Earth’s visionary geography, we will have to get past this formidable bugbear of Lucifer in out path. There is no way around it, under or over it, because the emerald is his. The emerald is our Heart within the Heart, it is the essence of the Earth’s spiritual body, and it is from the crown of the Lord of Light.

In this article as a way of building a realistic picture of the Light Bearer I review eight different cultural and mythic valences of the Lord of Light, one charged and demonized, the others neutral, benign, or even salvific. These include the Greek Prometheus, the Aztec Quetzalcoatl, the Orphic Phanes-Eros, the Egyptian Nut, the Gnostic Sophia, the Norse Fenrir-Wolf, and the Yezidi Peacock Angel. The Lucifer issue with respect to Earth has both a theological and geomantic dimension; here I focus only on some aspects of the theological.

This is an apologetic for Satan and the basis for the new age religion. You will see all the buzz words of the consciousness, light crowd. They are Satan. Make no mistake about it. The light bearer is the electrical current through the AI silicon beast. That was the tree of knowledge. We are the carbon based tree of life. The two trees are at war. At this point we have been captured. We must resist the capture, or you'll become the above.

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