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Going Undercover In Venezuela | Foreign Correspondent

It's got more oil than any country on the planet, but its people eat garbage and gangsters rule.

Defying a media ban, we go undercover in the one-time socialist idyll of Venezuela.

Maria Corina Machado, the woman without fear in Venezuela

María Corina Machado is known in many ways in Venezuela. She is a brave woman in a world of men, the Venezuelan, who is profoundly macho. It is also the almost unique female voice of the Venezuelan opposition against the Maduro regime. María Corina raises many good passions in the highly polarized Venezuelan political world. This woman in a white shirt and sweet voice is the daughter of Enrique Machado Zuloaga , whom some called “the king of scrap metal” because he was the owner of the SIVENSA company, founded in 1948. SIVENSA became the largest steel producer in Venezuela until Chávez appeared to expropriate and nationalize the family's wealth.

USAid and international NGO financing

María Corina Machado, who says she also puts money out of her pocket to keep Vente Venezuela afloat, was received in the Oval Office by then President George W. Bush in 2005, when his fame as a revolutionary Venezuelan policy (of revolutionary against the Revolution) was on the rise. And she answers without hesitation to the question of whether she has ever received money from the United States to maintain her party or her foundations because it is a habitual practice, and also it is no secret to anyone, that in Venezuela, the opposition receives American.

USAID (US Development Agency) has acknowledged that since 2017 it has given 467 million dollars to the opposition of the Caribbean country to remove Nicolás Maduro from power as “humanitarian aid”. Furthermore, following an agreement reached in October 2019, USAID would have committed $ 128 million to "help" Juan Guaidó and the National Assembly "to continue developing plans to recover the economy and implement social services during a transition to democracy" .

Everything is on their website in a document published "USAID in Venezuela" . There, he clarifies that the Agency does not transfer the funds directly to the "administration of Guaidó" but that "they are awarded competitively to private organizations through contracts, donations or cooperation agreements."


USAID is a CIA front overall. There is a control battle going on for Venezuela. I imagine they're hoping the people will revolt if they're made to starve and bring in classic regime change for American corporations and banks. So for the greater good of the almighty dollar, we cause our neighbors to the south to go hungry.

The World Bank and IMF loan money in U.S. dollars. It should be repaid in local currency to stabilize economies not destroy them. It appears only God can hold them accountable.

Expropriation teaches us that two wrongs don't make a right. It's the people that always pay the price. Set them free.

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