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Who's Hand Is Behind the Antifa Coup? Same Hand as 4 Years Ago


George Webb does a little victory lap in this short video, in which he reminds us that he was on the trail of this coup 3 years ago, following an encrypted Blackberry communications network of 45 members of the DNC, who he and his investigative partners identified as being part of a covert weapons shipping and -cacheing program.

These people included DNC IT tech support employee and suspected Pakistani intelligence asset, Imran Awan, former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Senator Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Adam Schiff and former DNC Deputy Chair, Keith Ellison. 

Webb believes the "Kristallnachts" we've seen of looting and arson will be violently ramped up with the introduction of weapons and explosives modeled after Operation Gladio.

He says, "A Gladio C is what is coming. Sibel Edmonds is correct. I do see this happening. It's gonna be a combination of bioweapons...along with probably conventional weapons, along with probably explosives, along with probably other forms of irregular warfare.

"The coup is coming. I don't think anyone doubts that now. I think everyone understands it's going to be a second wave of COVID, a bioweapon attack to neutralize the population. But then, there is also going to be this violent armed opposition, as well to gain these footholds and to challenge Trump...

"They're gonna let America go on fire until the election in order to overthrow Trump. And in states like Washington, you can already see this partnership between the governor, Inslee about not doing anything about the takeover of this group in Seattle. And I do predict that this group in Seattle, these Soy Boys, let's call them will be supplanted by a much more radical and armed group.

"And as Jeffrey Prather says...when the new, really heavily-armed shadow government comes in, the Soy Boys are discarded, if not, in some cases very seriously hurt - or worse - killed, If they offer any resistance to the replacements that are coming in.

"That's the next thing to look for in these places. Again, look for the I-5 Corridor, look for these drug route corridors, these heavy, heavy Liberal areas along that key Hell's Angels ratline of I-5."

Posted by Conspiracy Cafe on June 18, 2020 at 2:24 PM 131 Views