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Is this our last chance to Wake Up? Or is it too late? 5G Corona Virus Death Camps


Georgia Guidestones 0:03-1:10

Fema Coffins 1:10-5:58

Martial Law 5:58-9:20

Fema Camps 9:20-13:00

Jesuit Influence 13:00-19:00

Big Brother 19:00-30:30

Elite Underground Bunkers 30:30-33:00

Police State UN Take over 33:00-42:00

Gun Confiscation 42:00-45:00

Suspending The Constitution 45:00-50:00

Fema Prison Camps 50:00-1:09:00

China Quarantine Citizens 1:09:00-1:11:00

China Cremating People Alive 1:11:00-1:13:00

5G is the Corona Virus 1:13:00-2:10:00

Chinese Suddenly Collapsing 2:10:00-2:26:00

China Builds Medical/Prisons 2:26:00-2:28:00

A mainstream article about India's lockdown quoted..


“One chief minister, in Telangana State, in the center of the country, threatened to issue “shoot on sight” orders if people did not take the lockdown seriously.”


With only 400 reported cases out of over a billion people.

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