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WUHAN, CHINA January 28-30 2020


Restricted video of the true nature of the crisis. I have been informed from non English sources that 25,000 people are being secured in the new hospitals and put to death since there is no hope to treat them. Their bodies are cremated forthwith. They were never included in the totals because they never lived. The germs were stolen from Canada's National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg by Chinese agents.

Last July, Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, an advanced scientist who was the head of the Vaccine Development and Antiviral Therapies Section at NML was forcibly ejected from the facility, along with her husband, Dr. Keding Cheng another biologist.

This was following a 4-month investigation into an unauthorized shipment of lethal viruses to China. Questions still remain as to whether previous shipments to China of other viruses took place prior to 2018.

Over the school year 2017-18, Dr. Xiangguo Qiu had made at least five trips to the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, which is housed at the military facility linked to China's Biological Warfare Program.

Our fearless leader Comrade Trudeau has lots of explaining to do although the media will never put him on the spot. While on his gun crusade with villainizing sport shooters as convenient whipping boys he left the door open on weapons of mass destruction.

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