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A Trump Speech Written By Artificial Intelligence | The New Yorker

We fed 270,000 words spoken by Donald Trump into a computer program that studies language patterns. This system analyzed his word choice and grammar, learning how to simulate Trump's speech. Here is the speech written entirely by artificial intelligence.

When prompting the neural network for written output, the system allows the user to select a “temperature”, which tells the program how creative or daring to be with its word choice. At low temperatures, the neural network always chooses the most-likely next character as it's generating a sequence, while at high temperatures it will choose a character that's farther down the probability list.

Are We Already Living in Virtual Reality?


I saw a speech from The London Sun newspaper. I watched it three times. I was dumbstruck that at the end of the clip President Trump said, he was the last president. It had quite the effect on me because of the Baron Trump book and a predictive programming message. How he would become that is the question. Would the republic cease to exist? Would there be a war? There are many dire possibilities. He spoke at Values Voter Summit October 12. I loved the speech. Then the nuance. I couldn't find the search terms which I thought would be everywhere. I reviewed The White House copy. It wasn't there as such. I reviewed the video several times again. The ending was different. It matched The White House version as below.

I know what I heard. Then I started to look into the possibility it was changed. The New Yorker magazine created a computer simulation of Donald Trump. I hardly think they admire him. I doubt the British press does either. Now since this was The Sun's clip, what if they use this technology to add little addendums to portray the president in a negative light? Even worse what if speeches we hear are not actually spoken by the people who make them?

I researched this some years ago for one of my shows. The New Yorker used an obvious fake Trump, but you can use a few video images to create a counterfeit. It is easily done if you know how. I heard last president. Now it's never leaving. Are media using this technology? I'd be surprised if they don't. This is a monolithic struggle we're in. I couldn't find a written piece to go with the video. I'd better copy it while I can. I didn't make a physical copy of the other one because I thought it would be everywhere. Is the fake news this fake now? The New Yorker does write extensively on living in a computer simulation as well. That's an even more bizarre interpretation. I feel that's where they wish to take us.


Did you see the crazy comedian? I won’t even give them the name, but you know who. He said — he was interviewing a guest a couple of weeks ago. He said — you know, a very liberal guest. He said, “You know he’s going to win, don’t you? You know he’s going to win.” And the guest said, “No, no, we’re going to fight very hard. We have a chance. No, no, we’re going to fight.” “No, no. He’s going to win, and you know he’s not leaving after that, don’t you?” (Laughter.) “He’s going to stay. There is no way we’re ever going to get him out of office.” (Laughter.)

And I thought that he was, you know, kidding. He was really — believed it. So, you know what? Let him believe it. I think it’s great. Let him believe it. (Applause.) True. Right? He’s never leaving.

Posted by George Freund on January 17, 2020 at 11:59 AM 238 Views