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Messengers of Deception: UFO Contacts and Cults


Too many cases of "accidental" alien contact...UFO cults praying to the skies...secret "psychotronic" weapons for bending the human mind. The evidence Jacques Vallee reveals, after many years of scientific investigation, adds up to something more menacing than monsters from outer space. Messengers of Deception documents the growing effect of UFO contact claims on our lives and of the belief systems prevalent in our society. It explores the hidden realities of the cults, the contactees, the murky political intrigues and the motivations of the investigators. "As suspenseful as a Hitchcock Thriller, brilliantly argued . . . a smashing achievement." - Robert Anton Wilson

The 'alien' agenda is to lure you into a false direction to cover the hidden race among us that attempts to subvert us. While we are looking in the wrong direction, we'll never see the obvious. The UFO cliques are cults to be sure. 

Posted by George Freund on October 18, 2019 at 10:41 AM 290 Views