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The Divided Self

Dr. Laing’s first purpose is to make madness and the process of going mad comprehensible. In this, with case studies of schizophrenic patients, he succeeds brilliantly, but he does more: through a vision of sanity and madness as ‘degrees of conjunction and disjunction between two persons where the one is sane by common consent’ he offers a rich existential analysis of personal alienation.

The outsider, estranged from himself and society, cannot experience either himself or others as ‘real’. He invents a false self and with it he confronts both the outside world and his own despair. The disintegration of his real self keeps pace with the growing unreality of his false self until, in the extremes of schizophrenic breakdown, the whole personality disintegrates.


It appears the forces of darkness are preventing the archive preview from being seen. This is the study of the Manchurian mind control also termed the schizoid personality developed by Dr. Wilhelm Kuetemeyer developed the schizoid man in the 30's and 40's at the University of Heidelberg. He created Manchurians in the plot to kill Hitler. His protege Volkmar Schmidt got a job at Magnolia Oil in the 1963 era. He met Lee Harvey Oswald. Small world when you're a Nazi. There is an episode of The Prisoner called The Schizoid Man. 

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