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The Treason Of Rockefeller Standard Oil (Exxon) During World War II

We have reported on Wall Street's financing of Hitler and Nazi programs prior to World War 2 but we have not given as much attention to its treasonous acts during the war. The depths to which these men of fabled wealth sent Americans to their deaths is one of the great untold stories of the war.

John Rockefeller, Jr. appointed William Parish chairman of Standard Oil of New Jersey which was later rechristened Exxon. Parish lead a close partnership with his company and I. G. Farben, the German pharmaceutical giant whose primary raison d'etre was to occlude ownership of assets and financial transactions between the two companies, especially in the event of war between the companies' respective nations.

This combine opened the Auschwitz prison camp on June 14, 1940 to produce artificial rubber and gasoline from coal using proprietary patents rights granted by Standard. Standard Oil and I. G. Farben provided the capital and technology while Hitler supplied the labor consisting of political enemies and Jews. Standard withheld these patents from US military and industry but supplied them freely to the Nazis.


Posted by George Freund on September 26, 2019 at 6:42 PM 185 Views