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The campaigns of the Pacific war

A must for the library of anyone interested in the Pacific theater of WWII. Based on interviews (interrogations) of Japanese officers, various campaigns are briefly summarized, with details regarding order of battle, fold-out tracks of aircraft and ship movements, and losses incurred during engagements. For example, you'll see where bombs/torpedoes hit and missed the IJN ships at Midway. It is interesting that a few attacking planes (number known from US sources) were thought to be many more from the Japanese perspective during the heat of battle. Lots of information about the Aleutians campaign. Sources are listed, so you can dig deeper if you choose. The summaries are well-written (back in the days when someone actually proofread instead of relying on a built-in spell checker) and pretty objective. The end of the book has some interesting photos of ships caught at Kure at war's end. I bought 2 copies, and both were in excellent condition. As of 2015, this volume is inexpensive and abundant- get one of the original 1946 printings now while you still can.

Posted by George Freund on September 22, 2019 at 1:16 PM 202 Views