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PLEASE HELP ME: I'm being prosecuted for writing a book criticizing the gov't | Sheila Gunn Reid

Government prosecutors go after Sheila Gunn Reid for writing a BOOK ? Help us fight back

For three months we at The Rebel have been privately fighting against an illegal attempt by the Alberta government to prosecute Sheila Gunn Reid, our star reporter and Alberta Bureau Chief, for writing the best-selling book, Stop Notley.

That book is the most popular book on Alberta politics in 2019, reaching the number two spot on the best-seller list.

It's Sheila’s third best-selling book. The Rebel is proud to publish them.

But Rachel Notley hates them. Because Sheila was the toughest journalist in the Alberta press corps — one of the few who would ever challenge Notley.

Sheila broke more news scoops than any other Alberta reporter these past four years, including the incredible scoop that Rachel Notley cancelled every single water bomber contract just days before the wildfire tore through Fort McMurray.

Notley actually banned Sheila from the Legislature as punishment for her reporting, literally sending an armed sheriff to block her from coming into the building. And then Notley had Alberta’s justice Department write us a letter banning us — or anyone “connected” to us — from going on government property anywhere. That’s illegal of course. But Notley didn’t care.

So last year, Notley created a special new hunter-killer office, called the Election Commissioner. Not the Chief Electoral Officer in charge of running the elections — Alberta’s always had this. Notley created a new officer in charge of political crimes, called the Elections Commissioner. And she hired a disgraced activist named Lorne Gibson, who actually sued the conservatives in his personal capacity and was laughed out of court.


Posted by George Freund on July 26, 2019 at 5:53 PM 124 Views