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White farm murders in South Africa - Race hate, politics or greed? | Foreign Correspondent

Are attacks on white South African farmers aimed at terrorising them off the land? Should Australia offer them special haven, as some MPs here have suggested?

'The white minority took our land. Enough is enough'

On the sprawling maizefields outside Johannesburg, the Engelbrecht family know the full horror of the South African farm attacks that are so common they no longer rate a headline.


You don't even want to know what happened to white farmers in Africa as they were forced to abandon the land.

Husband of woman tortured in South Africa robbery speaks about horrific ordeal

A retired mechanical engineer from Belfast in Northern Ireland, who was tortured with a blow torch by a gang of robbers before being shot in the neck in eastern South Africa, says he is battling to understand why the men had to murder his animal-loving British wife.

Robert Lynn, 66, whose legs and arms were covered with stab wounds, burns, bruises and stitches, told The Telegraph how and his wife Sue Howarth, 64, were asleep in bed in their house near the trout fishing village of Dullstroom when two gun shots went off at around 2.10 am last Sunday.

Sue Howarth died in hospital a few days after the attack

2015 a ‘record’ year for farm attacks – and murders

I imagine she wishes she was wounded in Manchester. There's not a mark on any of them save the mark of the beast.

It is politically incorrect to speak of these crimes. Murdering people because of their race isn't racism. Reporting it is.

Please learn to shoot and take your security seriously.

US President Donald Trump's tweet on land seizures, 'killing of farmers' angers South Africa

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