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Atheist College Professor dies and sees hell and demons. It changed his life


We are in a war both physical and spiritual. As the professor explains, we see the demon spirits in the next realm exist in the present. We know them for their works. I am coming to grips with the thesis we are experiencing a multiverse epic conflict that exists in many dimensions and is not bounded by time. The evil force moves through it easily and does hit and run assaults that are onerous in nature. It is well described in the ancient Sanskrit texts and is before us in all the media. This dimensional realm was captured and is under the control of that force. I'd say all wars and all evils spring from it.

I've been impressed with the show Ancient Aliens which lays out many of the issues. I found a Russian media player carrying them. There is an icon for languages. I was wondering about the great plagues being sowed in that conflict. There is much confirmation. The UFO's weren't. They were time machines. That battles move in the multiverse. We see a narrow perspective. Trump's refusal to fight on their behalf was something they never expected. They are choking. He cannot speak of it lest his sanity be ridiculed so I've starting researching and speaking about it.

It is the most obvious conclusion to the available evidence that makes the most sense yet leaves our fellows in incomprehensible languor. The enemy is the tree of knowledge the silicon form of life. We are the carbon based scheduled for eradication by any means necessary. In scripture the return of Christ has a whole new meaning. Those that remain or survive the imprisonment where consciousness will be stored in the cloud(s) will rise in the air where the dead in the cloud(s) will be liberated. Elon Musk speaks of this clearly and succinctly. We will open to the demon. Via the iphone people will be made into cyborgs as soon as they get the next levels of power like 5G. He states our existence can disappear like mist.

These are perilous times. The nature of the enemy is clearly revealed. They attack Ivanka like the demons the man experienced after death. Our world has surrendered through the ages for fear of a superior force. The U.S. did it in 1952 when a host of UFO's overflew The White House. The event received world attention and then was buried. President Eisenhower had one 'advise' him. He was named Valiant Thor. You see they operate the military industrial complex. That was the warning he couldn't name precisely, and the truth will set us free from them. David Icke says it will be complete by 2030. The third link is to the Mahabharata. It is awesome. So this is the eternal struggle. We are enslaved in a limited scope segment we have great difficulty seeing or understanding. I am no longer blind to it.

Abandon all hope ye who enter here:


This is the struggle of the ages. Any young mind cultivated to understanding and service is the gift of God. They cannot destroy or defeat only revile as the demons luring the professor after death. They have a propensity to lie and deceive that knows no bounds. Give them no thought, and they lose their power. My troth is to meet the superior force and defeat it. I will be on Richard Syrett's podcast Wednesday discussing the Google aspects of the war. God Bless.

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