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Dr Charles Stanley - THE POWER OF SOLITUDE - Part 1



Does it sometimes seem hard to hear God? Does your schedule keep you too busy to listen to Him? We must pull away from our self-imposed list of duties and obligations so we can spend time alone with the One who loves us most.

I would be a liar if I said I wasn't extremely disappointed with yesterday's Power Hour Nation. A doctor was brought on as a guest to inoculate our brains with frequencies from a cell phone APP to "shift our perceptions...shift our belief systems." If this isn't the most dangerous thing you could do to your mind, I don't know of another. You are giving power of absolute trust to a stranger to control and direct your thoughts. I was and still am mortified. God gave me this sermon on the way to work to reveal God's way prayer. People on machines in hospital that monitor brain waves are observed entering the proper frequencies for healing with prayer. With the APP we are being fooled into disconnecting from the true source God and taking a counterfeit that a man can manipulate. I was horrified that the very elect are deceived, but that is prophecy too. 

My comment:

If I hack your brain through a pleasure APP, can I introduce the Chinese social credit system under the guise of healing? The buzzword INOCULATE sends shivers through my timbers. With the word inoculate, I can introduce the VAX chemicals directly into your mind and "shift our perceptions...shift our belief systems." So as a reward, the government supplies the SOMA of the Brave New World via the phone. If your behavior is not all that good, then we'll leave you with negative brain waves.

As Col. Corso said in his book on Roswell, the world will be one giant brain. So is this the artificial god being introduced to supplant prayer and connection with the Lord with an artificial source that gives the calming carrot in lieu of the stick? The 5G is to ultimately upload and download directly into the brain. I take my parents warning of taking candy from strangers very seriously as an adult. There can be no greater candy than that put into the brain. For the introduction, you get healing. Then, Danial, as the police listened to your friend's phone, then what? The APP leaves the door open.

I would be very leery about letting anyone or anything into God's sacred kingdom, our minds, for any reason. The CIA has made that it's mission since its inception. LSD was the pill form followed by the Prozac. Now this? I am shocked personally totally shocked. I could lead people to salvation. I could lead them to their knees, but to allow an APP we have no idea of what is inside or could be inside in the future starts out with good intentions as the road to hell as they say, but that is the end game in my opinion.


Please resist the beast system. Grant Jeffrey was the sentinel in his day. I bougt his books. I cherished the film version. We are being set up for the mark of the beast system. I warned you on my last turn at bat. The aliens are the silicon the beast system we spread around the world like Ebola. 

God gave us the love drug too. In union it is sex which changes our brain chemistry as well. Christ said his final commandment was to love one another. It defeats the enemy Satan. All technology seperates us from God. The iphone and the APP take us to Satan. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. That Dr. Porter seems to be leading the parade in my opinion. 


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Posted by George Freund on May 22, 2019 at 10:56 AM 272 Views