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There are allegations the crash was staged. MH17 was really MH370 disposed off.

Highly Graphic: Rarely Seen Video Of MH-17 Victims And Unexplained Anomalies

Narrator in possession of over 5000 pictures from Mh17 crash site point out numerous strange anomalies associated with the victims from MH-17.

Photos taken 20 Minutes after MH-17 crash.

1) Glowing fluorescent dye near 1st body

2) Strong smell of formaldehyde in air

3) Absence of blood on and around corpses

4) Already bloated damp corpses

5) Victims not European looking- she states that most looked Asian

6) Strange dead birds, including a blue and yellow Macaw that is, ironically, the same color as the Ukrainian flag at the 3:10 mark. This is a tropical bird which makes one wonder why it was flying on a plane from Amsterdam to Southeast Asia. Normally, one would expect that such an occurrence may take place the other way round.

7) She states that the cell phone data had no 2014 photos, only photos from 2013.

8 Bluish/black lips on victims

9) She states the passports were all brand new and undamaged

10) Most victims were completely naked with only 20 or so wearing clothes

11) She states that all the suitcases were packed with winter clothes (12C Beijing highs)

12) She only saw 6 or 7 children bodies

Posted by George Freund on May 1, 2019 at 5:18 PM 310 Views