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What They Dont Want You to See in The NZ Mosque Shooting Video - And Its Not "CGI"

Looks like Max was right. They don't want you to see it. I saved a copy though.

The real reason the Christchurch Shooting video is banned is that it clearly shows that the Christchurch Massacre was a Black Op The shooter was not alone…

He had help And you can see them…

This completely destroys their official “Lone Wolf Terrible Racist White Man” Narrative And THIS is what they do NOT want you to see…


5:00 minutes in… Man in red at the driveway entrance

8:48 minutes in… He leaves the Mosque for the first time. Car… man inside? He aims but doesn’t shoot…


8:54 minutes in… Traffic cone in the driveway

Runs to the front takes out an escapee down the footpath, runs back to his car to get another gun. Runs to end driveway to take out a second escapee… returns to Mosque

The car is gone … ??? 11:48 minutes in… leaving mosque for the second time… shoots woman escapee… Note empty yard wall on left

11:50 minutes in… Cone has been knocked over by exiting the vehicle

11:54 minutes in… Man in red against yard wall How did he get here so quickly?

Question… Who owns this car?

4:34 and this frame right here… is why they do not want you to see this video Do you know this license plate?

And that is why people in New Zealand can get 10 years jail for even watching it


Silver Station Wagon


Year: 2001 (2001-05)



Colour: Silver

Body Style: Station Wagon (ZZE127)

VIN: 7AT0H63PX10202889

Plate: FQH875


Chassis: ZZE127-0001599

Vehicle Type: Passenger Car/Van

Seats: 5

CC rating: 1,790cc

Fuel Type: Petrol

Transmission: 4-gear automatic

Assembly Type: Imported Built-Up

Country of Origin: Japan

Gross Vehicle Mass: 1,415kg

Axles: 2

Vehicle Equipment Class: MA

Industry Class: PRIVATE

Industry Model Code: TA-ZZE127

Model Code: TA-ZZE127;

Variant: 1

Drive: FF(front engine, front-wheel drive)

Ownership History

8 owners in New Zealand (4 owners excluding dealers)

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