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We the People on Conspiracy Cafe 2011-05m-19

We return to the That Channel studios May 19, 2011 for a rousing exposure of the NWO and their plots which are still in play. The crime syndicates are still plying their trades. Call your viewing the cold case squad. There is no statute of limitations.

9/11 Priest knew he was going to die on 9/11. Strauss-Kahn nothing secret meeting in Luxembourg everything. Juncker says you have to lie. Radiation cloud over North America. Slave Lake burns cabinet parties. Integration plot in Wikileaks. Soros owns the news. Congress votes on perpetual war in the fine print of H.R. 1540. Mohamed Al Fayad linked to Lee Harvey Oswald and Mohamed Atta. Census used to genocide Inuit? Bilderberg bitch bashes truth. Chamberlain set the 3rd Reich stage now that's appeasement. The Nazi plot to destroy the west and we fell for it. 2nd Amendment was for tyrants. Right to bear arms enshrined in 1689 Bill of Rights to prevent another INQUISITION. Boston massacre 1769 Kent State 1970 same old same old. Citizens Manifesto. Obama Papist functionary. Elites meet in California Obama looks scared. $300 million to be spent on non existent drive tax? Blackwater's secret special forces base in the sand. Echelon nothing they see and hear it all from your PC or cell phone. Beware the McRaven and the Osama fraud. On Conspiracy Cafe We Are The People.

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